Is coxsackie virus considered an autoimmune disease?

No. Coxsackie virus infections cause some cold symptoms, small throat ulcers, rashes on the hands and feet, some fever, tummy upset, etc... It is not considered an autoimmune disease.
No. It is simply a virus that many of us are exposed to. Due to antibody production, there can occasionally be the development of an autoimmune disease but it is difficult to say if it was caused by coxsackie virus or simply set into motion by coxsackie virus.

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Is it possible to get hand, foot and mouth disease (coxsackie virus) twice?

Yes. Although hfm is most often associated with coxsackievirus a16, the process does occur with other enteroviral strains (enterovirus 71 & others). A child will develop immunity to an individual strain after an illness but be susceptible to other unrelated strains, much like there are different strains that cause the flu. Read more...