Is chagas disease waterborne?

Contaminated juice. Chagas disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of kissing bugs which suck blood & pass on a protozoan called trypanosoma cruzi. It can be passed through the placenta by mother to fetus, via breast milk, blood transfusions, organ transplants and by eating contaminated foods. There are different cases which were spread by contaminated acai, sugar cane and guava juices. H20- variable input.
Chaga's Dis. Chagas disease is caused by trypanosoma cruzi, a parasite related to the african trypanosome that causes sleeping sickness. It is spread by reduvid bugs and is one of the major health problems in south america. Due to immigration, the disease also affects people in the United States.
By insects. The causative agent of chagas disease (t. Cruzi) is transmitted by bloodsucking insects or kissing bugs.