Is cervicitis sexually transmitted?

Not necessarily. Cervicitis is simply an inflammation of the cervix. It could be inflammed for many different reasons. Std's are some causes. There are more benign causes of cervicitis though that are not sexually transmitted. If concerned, see your pcp or gyn physician.
Cervicitis. Not caused by an std is not, if it is caused by as std which your doc can check for then it is.

Related Questions

Can cervicitis happen only to those with sexual contact?

No. While having multiple sexual partners represents a risk factor, sexual contact is not necessary in order to develop cervicitis. After menarche, there is frequently bacterial overgrowth in the vagina that can lead to acute and chronic inflammation. The majority of women have some degree of chronic cervicitis.

Should I stop having sexual intercourse while I have cervicitis?

Yes. Cervicitis is an inflammation of the cervix. It may also be caused by an infection. Most of the time it is asymptomatic. Sexual intercourse may delay the healing or aggaravate an ongoing inflammation from trauma to the cervix while having sex.
Best to let heal. Best to let heal as this may cause pain during intercourse.

I was diagnosed with cervicitis. How long should I abstain from having sexual intercourse?

No abstinence needed. Cervicitis is a nonspecific inflammation of the cervix. It is usually not due to any type of infection. It also does not need to be treated as long as there were no signs of infection and cultures are negative. Therefore, no abstinence needed.

Is displasia sexually transmitted?

HPV is an STD. Cervical dysplasia (abnormal 'pre-cancer' cells of cervix) are usually caused by hpv (human papilloma virus) which is sexually transmitted. Gardisil (hpv vaccine) was developed to prevent transmission of hpv and thus prevent dysplasia and cervical cancer. A series of 3 gardisil injections is recommended to be fully immunized against hpv. Vaccine is for age 9yo--26 yo, now available for males.

Can heretic whitlow be sexually transmitted?

Please Clarify. This obsession is getting to be worrisome. Herpes is transmitted directly from skin to skin. There are two types of herpes. Hsv 1 and hsv 2. Both can be transmitted to skin in an uninfected human with any direct contact whether sexual or not. What are your blood test results. I would like you to come clean with these for both the igm and igg antibodies.
Whitlow = Herpes. Yes, herpetic whitlow is herpes and is transmitted by direct contact with herpes lesions (whether oral or genital). It is a highly contagious but treatable condition. See your doctor for evaluation and treatment with possible antivirals (such as Valacyclovir).

Can you tell me is aids sexually transmitted?

Yes. The most efficient means of transmission is unprotected receptive anal intercourse with an infected partner (~1% chance per event). All exchange of body fluids is risky, but even before effective treatment, only a minority of husbands who were positive infected their wives. This is no reason for complacency, and I hope you will always love safely. Best wishes.
HIV is a Virus. Aids is not an infection or spread. It is the culmination of an infection with the HIV virus. This virus is spread through both sexual and other blood to blood contact with an infected individual. The risks for HIV transmission were identified in the early 1980s and these risks have never been amended or changed. This is a virus that is well known and has some specific routes of transmission.

Can you get chlymidia without it being sexually transmitted?

Not common. Chlamydia doesn't survive for long outside the human body. It is almost always a sexually transmitted infection. Many Chlamydia infections are asymptomatic for years. Best wishes!

How else can you get herpes other than sexually transmitted?

See below. Herpes simplex I causes cold sores and is spread from kissing. Herpes simplex ii is spread by genital contact. Type I can be spread to the genitals by orogenital contact as can type ii be spread to the lips.