Is bacterial pneumonia contagious even after taking more antibiotics?

UES. Initially pneumonia can be contagious after few days it should not be contagious any more.
Not really. Bacterial pneumonia is usually caused by aspiration (meaning inhaling secretions) in the mouth and throat) that are colonized with bacteria. You do not typically catch "pneumonia" from someone in the same way you catch a cold, from inhaled droplets from someone else. Exceptions for some infections, like TB or legionella pneumonia exist, but most bacterial pneumonia is not contagious in this way.

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Daughter has bacterial pneumonia and step bacteria was identified. Is it contagious? Especially if coughed on?

Not particularly. Many of us have strep pneumo germs in our nasal passages periodically as hitchhiker germs. They can sit there and do nothing or take advantage of a deep chest cold and trigger pneumonia. Some germs like chickenpox travel easily in the air and transfer easily, this does not. Simple droplet precautions avoid transfer, but even if you have some on board, you don't necessarily get sick.

I have bacterial pneumonia-no insurance--so no antibiotic--any suggestions on how to get a prescription? I'm traveling so very low on funds.

MDlive. You can call mdlive. Com and talk to a physician who can help you by diagnosing your problem and prescribing necessary treatment. I am in the state of wa, so if you were to pick up a prescription in that state, you can talk to me, otherwise, each state has physicians that you can talk to and be treated accordingly.

Is bacterial pneumonia contagious? My oldest son has had it for 5 days and started abx yesterday? Will my other kids get it? What's the incubation?

Maybe, maybe not. Most forms of bacterial pneumonia are not particularly contagious and arise from a preexisting problem like a cold or other viral process that is invaded by opportunist germs from the airway. The common pneumonia germ is carried by many in their nasal passages and throat. Viral pneumonia and one called mycoplasma are potentially contagious. Your doc can let you know.