What is the best oral medication for diabetics?

Metformin. Metformin is the most widely prescribed medication for diabetes is the world because it is very effective and very safe. Recent research has shown that it also leads to a lower incidence of cancer in people who take it. There are several generics as well as the brand glucophage (metformin) and you may find that they may not have the same side effects. If one doesn't work, try another manufacturer.
Best Oral rx for DM. I agree metformin gives you best value for your money, as it works on Insulin resisatance.The advantages are it is cheap, effective, and weight neutral, which means you do not gain wight and in some cases may loose a little weight as well on monotherapy the diadvantage is some patients though very few of them, can not tolerate due to GI side effects and can not be used with elevated creatinine level.