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My period was suppose to come oct 25 but I've been taking amoxicillin for strep throat. It is now oct 27th. Am I late or is it amoxicillin?

Get well soon! Two days late is not too unusual even without an illness and meds. So, first get well. Only you (and your guy) know if you had unprotected sex near your ovulation time and that's essential for pregnancy. Ask your doctor for eval if recovery is slow and/or your period skips entirely. I hope you're fine soon in all ways.

Why do gps (or their mas) always aggressively insist I provide first day of last period? Reasons for visits include strep throat, shoulder injury, etc

Fetal injury prevent. Because you are capable of being pregnant, the question you find offensive is meant to protect the unborn, if present. Many medicines will cause irreversible damage to the organ systems to, the unborn. In fact, we have a responsibility to you and the baby, and could be held responsible if appropriate care were not exercised in this regard. All sexually active women should be aware of this.

Can strep throat medication cause late period? I've been having A TON of acne and have been tired lately (not sure if that has anything to do with it

Not meds, but.... Your being I'll is more likely to have altered your cycle than the medication. The stress of illness on your body can affect hormone levels and thus your period. Remember, though, antibiotics can affect how well your contraception works, so use extra protection if you don't want to get pregnant and are on an type of contraception.