How long is it before streptococcal pneumonia clears?

2 to 3 days. Sometimes longer, provided antibiotics are being administered. Some cases can be resistant to treatment. Although it is usually easy to treat, it can be deadly.
Depends how sick. In a patient who did not need to be hospitalized , usually most people will start to feel better after 3-5 days of antibiotics and be close to normal in about a week. In a patient needing to be hospitalized, they may take much longer, depending on how sick they are. So a patient who becomes critically ill from pneumonia may take weeks or even months to fully recover from potential complications.

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How to get streptococcal pneumonia?

Strep pneumonia. It spreads person to person via respiratory droplets, so someone could be potentially infected if they are near a coughing/sneezing infected individual. They might not necessarily get pneumonia, particularly if they are otherwise healthy, it may just end up as sore throat. Read more...

Sore head, muscles, throat and chest after being discharged from a week in hospital 2 days ago due to streptococcal pneumonia. Is this normal?

Likely. This is common. However, If fever returns, return to PCM. If shortness of breath ensures w fever, head to ED. . Read more...