Is it okay to wear daily disposable contact lenses everyday? Or is it better to sometimes wear glasses? Or does it not matter?

It is OK. The nice thing about daily disposable lenses is that they are always clear and you do not expose the eye to cleaning chemicals. In ordinary use, they are out of the eye at night and so the eye can be comfortable and stable. It is always a good idea to have back up eyeglasses, used perhaps on weekends and certainly whenever the eye gets red or irritated.
Be careful. We all know folks who stretch things beyond the recommendations, including using how to use daily contact lenses;however, be careful! your eyes are too important to run the risk of irritation or infection that increase with such use. Consider getting multi-day lenses. Modern lenses "breathe" better than old ones, but it is not a bad idea to occasionally use glasses to giev your eyes more oxygen.