How long do infants generally have RSV for?

2 - 3 weeks. In a recent study in the british medical journal, they looked at how long respiratory infections lasted in children. Bronchiolitis resolved by day 13 in 50% and by about day 21 in 90%.
Ill for a ~week+. The RSV produces symptoms that vary with the age, general health and other factors. Some may have no symptoms but shed virus in nasal secretions. The average kid will be sick for a wk to 10 days during their first episodes of this seasonal illness with shorter episodes as they get older. Some infants <10% will get deep lung involvement and be symptomatic for weeks & require hospital care early on.
Varies. RSV may cause a number of infections including croup, bronchiolitis, ear infections, or an upper respiratory infection. If there is no secondary infection, usually it will resolve within 1 to two weeks. Some infants may become re-infected.

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How long would RSV typically last in an infant?

Depends. Typically the symptoms of RSV peak after the first few days before getting better. Usually infants improve somewhere between 5-10 days; however this can vary widely, and it is not uncommon for the cough and wheeze to last several weeks after the initial symptoms began. Read more...
7 - 10 days. Rsv infection typically induces heavy runny nose followed by fast breathing, wheezing, and chest congestion in otherwise healthy full-term born infants. Read more...