What's guillian barre syndrome (gbs) syndrome?

Auto-immune reaction. A triggered auto-immune reaction usually against the myelin of peripheral nerves. In a subset of individuals, the response is also directed at the nerve cells. This causes slowing of nerve conduction and motor weakness classically in an ascending pattern from the legs proximally. The attack may be so dramatic as to cause breathing difficulty requiring a respirator. Treatment options exist.

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How much possibility is there that 13 months baby get recovery without any treatment from Guillian barre syndrome GBS?

Guillan-Barré syndro. Most people recover spontaneously. It presents as an ascending paralysis. The way it kills you is that it stops you from moving your diaphragm. Ergo you don't breathe and so you die. You have to support your patient's breathing and they survive. May have to perform a plasmapheresis. Read more...

I was suffering from gbs (guillian barre syndrome).I have muscular weakness in my right leg, since then. Now when I walk my left knee pains. Please help.

PT. It is especially important to strengthen your right leg as you are putting extra pressure on your left knee due to the right leg weakness. A physical therapist or a personal trainer may be the best options. Pt may be covered by your insurance but you will need a referral from your doctor. Read more...