What can I do for my baby's fever?

Don't worry. Fever itself is harmless, but it can make a baby feel poorly. Treat it safely with the correct dose of Acetaminophen (past 3 months) or Ibuprofen (past 6 months). For babies less than three months, contact your pediatrician before treating. If your child has a fever and is acting ill even after fever medicine, see the doctor.
Fever reducing meds. Fever is almost always a sign of infection, but whether you should be concerned depends on other factors (height of fever, duration, patient's age and other symptoms). Fever can be treated with Acetaminophen (if > 2 months) or Ibuprofen (if > 6 months) and the dosing is weight-based. Speaking to your physician and knowing when to be concerned and when to treat a fever at home is half the battle.
Get a Dx. A fever is the bodies way of fighting disease & is not bad. May b a mild virus being handled by the fever. If he shows more symptoms or 4 peace of mind call ur pedi & he can decide if baby needs 2 b seen. Also a recent immunization can do this.