What are some first aid treatments for paraphimosis at home?

Here are some ... Once paraphimosis develops, it is considered as an emergency because the affected patients are panic and scared, and even so are some insufficiently experienced professionals. For most cases, the unwanted swelling could be reduced to its original phimosis by skilfully applying manual gentle even compression onto paraphimosis with or without IV sedation. Occasionally, urgent dorsal slit or circumci.
Can be an emergency. Phimosis refers to narrowing of the foreskin so that it cannot be retracted over the glans penis (head). Paraphimosis is the state in which a narrowed prepuce, foreskin, is forcibly retracted over the glans and now cannot be un-retracted. If the prepuce opening is too small, it may block the blood supply to the glans, necessitating emergent surgical correction. Phimosis - needs circumcision.