Is bipolarity a genetic disorder?

Yes. Bipolarity is very strongly related to genetic inheritance. How it affects your life (the balance of good and bad effects of mood variation) may depend on your growing up experiences. But whether or not you have bipolar mood variation is almost all due to genes.
Yes. Bipolar disorder disorder definitely runs in families. There has not yet been found a specific genetic link, but much research is being done in that area. Even though there is likely a genetic link, the expression of symptoms may be variable.

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Which type of genetic disorder is bipolar disorder?

Unknown. Although bipolar d/o is felt to be hereditary, it can also occur in individuals without a family history. Bipolar d/o is considered to be a mood disorder. The cause of the condition is not known, nor is there a genetic test for it. Read more...
Genetics of Bipolar. Although results inconsistent, many earlier studies suggest chromosomal aberrations (specifically chromosome 6q & 8q21). Most studies suggested heterogeneity (several genes involved, specifically those for serotonin, Dopamine & glutamate. Also, there is strong correlation with advanced paternal age, suggesting genetic mutations. Read more...