If I have stage II lung cancer, what are my chances of survival?

Good. For stage ii lung cancer the standard of care for the physically fit patient is surgery. If there is tumor in the lymph nodes then chemotherapy after surgery. The patient should be evaluated by a abts certified thoracic surgeon.
See below. 5 year survival is quoted as 36% for stage 2a and 25% for stage 2b clinically, and 46% for stage 2a and 36% for stage 2b histologically (which means that the stage was confirmed at the time of surgery). Bear in mind these are statistics and every patient is an individual - you can do either better or worse. The above numbers also presume you are being treated. Good luck!
Depends. I am going to assume this is stage ii non-small-cell and not of an unusual type (i.e., it is squamous cell or adenocarcinoma). The straight odds of a 5-year survival are much better than they used to be -- almost 50%, but the pathologist's report and gene studies will alter this some. Get frank talk from your physician, and remain proactive as you've done by writing us. Good luck.