How can I get treatment for a bee sting?

Ice. There are many different remedies for an insect sting. I like to use an ice cube and rub the site down. For me this helps relieve the stinging pain. There are over the counter remedies that you can use if you have them with you when you get stung. It seems like i always have some ice around.
Bee sting. Remove stinger by scraping along edge of skin with credit card. Clean area with soap ; warm water. Apply ice in 10 min. Increments; alternating 10 on ; 10 off. You can take tylenol, (acetaminophen) Aspirin or Motrin for pain or Benadryl for swelling. Make a paste of 2 parts baking soda ; 1 part water ; apply. Or you can apply a meat tenderizer poultice to the area. Throat, airway, mouth swelling? Call 911!

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What kind of pills or treatment can somebody get for bee stings?

A few. Bee stings may be treated with oral Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and a paste made from a mixture of baking soda and meat tenderizer. Read more...
Depends,?? Rxn?? Bee stings can be simple issues that most can ignore.If the stinger remains scrape sideways to remove it & any trailing bee tissue that may have more venom. A cold compress decreases local pain, antihistamines can reduce swelling or itching. Major sting reactions can start with progressive swelling, abdominal pain, cough, difficulty breathing. If so a 911 call/er visit/e[pinephrine would be needed. Read more...