How does hepatitis a spread?

Droplets and food . Hepatitis a is the type of hep that is mostly contracted by eating tainted foods or close contact with i'll person who is coughing, sneezing or some form of aerosol spread. It is the least serious of the various forms of hepatitis. There is vaccine availble, whch I use mostly in people who travel aa lot, particularly endemic areas.
Fecal-orally. Hepatitis a is spread fecal-orally. Therefore, it can be spread from poor sanitation where human fecal matter can contaminate the water supply used by a particular community, restaurant or school.

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How does hepatitis b spread?

Many ways. Blood transfusion, sex, intravenous drug use with infected needle, post exposure needle stick ( needle that was used for injecting some one who is infected with hepatitis b), although not all needle sticks will result into an infection. Read more...

How easily does hepatitis spread from dried blood between inanimate objects? Worried about having touched the same things as someone who was bleeding!

No risk, no worries. The hepatitis viruses are rarely if ever caught by exposure to blood in the environment, and contact with dried blood is especially low risk. And without visible blood on things you touched (door knobs, towels, utensils, shared toilet, etc), for sure there is no significant risk. Don't worry about it. Read more...