How do you prevent brain infection?

Healthy living. Bacterial encephalitis is uncommon these days thanks to healthy living and nutrition, getting bad teeth fixed right away, and getting treated promptly for sinusitis or ear infections. Bronchitis, pneumonia, endocarditis etc can spread in the blood stream and need to be treated aggressively to avoid seeding. Viral (herpes, hiv) or fungal brain infections are special situations - ask your doctor.
Easy. That's a difficult question to answer given brain infections are rare..So to avoid them just live a good healthy life and get regular check-ups.

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Does encephalitis just happen at any time? The virus you had in the past is dormant in your system then transfers and infects the brain of some people? Or does it more commonly happen in the new infections of the virus'?

Confusing question. The wording of your question is hard to follow. That said, there are some basics I can state. Most encephalitis viruses burn out and are essentially eliminated by the immune system.There transfer process is type specific, some in saliva during the illness, some by mosquitoes, once healed, you do not pass the virus to others. Read more...

I was first diagnosed with tick borne encephalitis in 2009. Still get sick all the time. Now have brain damage as a result of the infection.?

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, encephalitis contracted from any source (ticks, mosquitos, etc.) can result in neurological dysfunction. If you were treated for the appropriate tick illness, there should not be any remaining infective agent, but it is possible that your immune system may be slightly disrupted. See you doctor for a reevaluation. Read more...