What are some holistic ways to cure a cold?

Pelargonium sidoides. Pelargonium sidoides, an herb native to south africa, has been proven to be a very effective treatment for colds. After 10 days 78.8% of those using this extract were clinically cured vs. 31.4% of those taking placebo. It shows even better results in acute sinusitis & bronchitis! it is widely available at health food store & even many pharmacies as "umcka." please see my comment for useful links:.
Time heals all. "waiting it out" is sort of holistic. It's the same technique we use in traditional western medicine.
Cold. Stay warm, plenty of fluids, plenty of rest. Antioxidants, ginger, garlic and warm skimmed milk.
Http://nccih.nih.org. The above site is a reputable site that tells you what is proven to work and what is not. Don't pay for any potions your practitioner sells you that haven't been scientifically proven to work. .