How do you get genital herpes?

... You can get genital herpes by having sex (oral, vaginal, anal) with someone who has herpes. The virus can be found in the sores, but there does not need to be an open sore to get the virus. This is known as “asymptomatic shedding.” there is treatment but no cure. Latex condoms decrease risk of getting herpes.
From herpes virus. A person usually gets genital herpes from another person's fresh herpes sores. The other person may have sores on his or her genitals, lips, fingers, etc..., and transmit viruses by touching the uninfected person. Some infected persons (usually women) can occasionally transmit genital herpes even when they don't have visible fresh herpes sores.

Related Questions

How do you get rid of genital herpes?

Can't. All you can do is control outbreaks with anti-viral meds & staying healthy and your immune system strong. Sorry.

Can you get genital herpes if you're a virgin?

It depends. This depends in part on what you mean by "virgin". Oral sex can transmit herpes (due to herpes simplex virus type 1, i.e. HSV1). If you consider yourself a virgin after having only oral sex, but no penile penetration into the vagina, you can get herpes as a virgin.

Can you get genital herpes from touching handles and other things in public places/public restrooms and then touching genitals?

No risk, no worries. The herpes virus is harder to transmit than this. Infection requires exposure to fairly large amounts of virus that usually have to be massaged into the exposed area. That's why new genital herpes almost always shows up at sites of maximum friction duribg sex. There is no risk at all of catching herpes from a contaminated environment, either public toilet or anywhere esle.

Can you get genital herpes from wearing pants after an infected person wore them?

Genital herpes. No. This does not happen. One could theorize that if the pants were saturated with body fluids containing the virus and put on immediately while still wet and this came in contact with genital mucosa that this could happen, but it would probably be a first.