How can I improve my mood?

Mood. Healthy body, healthy mind. Life style changes with good diet, exercise & minimal stress. Satisfaction with work & home. Having good support system.
Mood . Exercise , healthy food, keeping yourself busy helps to improve mood . .

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How can I improve my sad mood disorder?

SAD. Good health habits are first line: good diet; enough sleep; exercise more often; seek out activities and people that make you happy. Avoid alcohol & illegal drugs, which worsen depression over time and can impair judgment. Light therapy with very bright light box (10, 000 lux) that mimics sunlight, 30 min/day in early morning, in fall/winter. Check vitamin d levels -- if < 50 ng/ml, replenish. Read more...
Agree w Dr. Pappas. Treatment options include medications, microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) /cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, exercise, healthy nutrition, acupuncture, phototherapy, etc. Read more...