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I would like to know if there's no cure for pubic lice. People who cannot tolerate using the lotion is there an injection instead to prevent them.

There is a cure. There is no immunization shot to prevent crabs. But the creams are very effective. Why are you taking an enormous dose of folic acid????

What can I do to prevent getting lice if my dorm had a huge lice infestation?

Hygiene. There is always a chance that you will get lice if you are in the dorm, probably the best prevention is good personal hygiene and shampoo often.
Precautions. Lice are human only parasites that feed several times daily on human blood. They can exist for only a day or so off the body in articles like brushes/combs/bed linen/scarves/hats. Without a human blood source they die. If you avoid the transfer agents listed above, you should be fine. Transfer agents can be cleaned/sanitized or just left in a zip-lock bag for a few days and the bugs will die.

Are pubic lice link to other transmitted diease?

Pubic lice. Pubic lice are known as Pthirus pubis. They are found mostly in teenagers. Pubic lice are often spread during sexual activity. You should be checked for other STDs, since if you got one you may have gotten more. They can be associated with blepharitis if eyebrows are infected, and secondary impetigo or other skin infections may complicate your scratching the area.

Will pubic lice stop me from going on my vacation?

No. Pubic lice typically fly free, but check the pet policy for the airline your are using.
Treat them. In all seriousness, just get them treated. Your doctor can prescribe a shampoo. You need to wash your bedlinens at high heat as well to make sure there are not more of them around.

What is the difference between crabs and pubic lice?

They're the same. Pubic lice are commonly referred to as "crabs" or crab lice. The scientific name is phthirus pubis.