What do I do about pinworms?

Need to treat. If you have pinworms, dont fret, they are actually quite commonly seen in practice. There are both prescription and non-prescription options available to treat pinworms. You can visit your local pharmacy and discuss with your pharmacist. Preventing reinfection is also quite important, including frequent handwashing, and routine washing of clothing and bedding.

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What do I do about pinworms and how did I get them when I haven't been around people?

Things to ponder. Pin worms are an only human parasite. You can only get them if you consume the eggs which hatch in your gut.Symptoms occur when you develop itching from a skin reaction to the gel the eggs are laid in at your anus.Eggs can be in kids bedding/clothing & contaminate your fingers which carry them to the mouth. Anal itching can also be caused by yeast, germs, reaction to soaps and many other things. Read more...