What are urinary tract infection symptoms?

Must recognize. Urination is not normal. Burning, urgency, bladder discomfort, frequency. If in the kidney, thirst, flank pain. Fever is common. Never trivial, but today easy to treat effectively. Any concern, a physician office visit may save your life.

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What are the urinary tract infection symptoms in men?

Similar to women. Much less common. They are frequency and urgency of urination. Burning or stinging with urination. Urethra can be sore or tender.. Foul smelling &/or blood in urine. Low abdominal or pelvic pain. Flank or back pain if infection has reached the kidneys. Read more...

What are the urinary tract infection in men symptoms?

See below. Burning pain on urination, fever, foul smelling urine, rectal pain, cloudy urine. For more information see this site. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/urinary-tract-infection/ds00286. Read more...