How do I get rid of a rash caused by hair removal cream?


Hair removal cream probably caused a contact dermatitis which is an irritation to your skin. The best cure is steroid cream. You can get OTC steroid cream(hydrocortisone) but some times it could not be strong enough. Worth the try, but if not working then a prescription will be needed.
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Contact dermatitis Hydrocortisone Dermatitis Skin Hair removal Rash Skin rash


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Skin is the major protection of our delicate internal tissues from a harsh environment, it is susceptible to injury itself. Sun, shaving and chemicals are very irritating as well as constant exposure to moisture reduces protective skin oils and sets the skin up for injury. The trick is to apply good protective skin cream frequently and minimize ongoing damage. Clean it often using gentle means
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Cleaning Hair removal Injuries Rash Skin Skin rash Tissue Dermatitis