Do I need epi pen? I have severe cat allrgies normally my eyes swell shut, itchy watery eyes and nose. Today throat itchy tingly swollen lips?

Yes. Absolutely. If you have allergies that are affecting that many body parts, you could have a reaction that gets worse. It would be a good precaution to have an epi pen.
Emergency. Always good to have a epi pen in the house in case you or someone needs it. You must know however how to use it and more impotant if it pertains to your problem. Please see your emergency asap as your condition could be life threatening.
Severe allergy. Get rid of cat antihistamines and epi-pen should always be close by.
Change pets! Your doctor should recommend that you find a nice new home for tabby and find yourself a new pet or have no pets until your allergies totally go away! i personally have the same symptoms which i discovered at age 12 whie i was babysitting a neighbor's kid and held their cat and petted it! I have never have owned a cat nor can i visit a home where a cat dwells! my advice: get a new pet!