What is the best food to eat when you have a toothache?

Soft diet, room temp. I would eat a soft diet, bland foods, no sugar or spicy foods and eat your foods at room temperature!
Fix it & Eat Normall. Toothaches are caused by deep decay, an infected pulp, a deep crack, teething pain from an erupting tooth or trauma to the tooth (biting on something hard). They usually don't go away by themselves. When properly treated by a dentist, you should be able to eat normally again. Until you get treatment, eat soft foods at room temperature and cut the food into bites that require little chewing.
Liquids. Chewing will usually exacerbated the pain and spread of infection. Get to a dentist immediately.
Soft, medium temp. Avoid hard or crunchy food. Also extremes of temperature could be uncomfortable. See a dentist as soon as possible for help with your pain. Waiting can make the toothache worse... Sometimes a toothache goes away. This may seem like a good thing, but it may indicate an infection which is not healthy for you.
Emergency. See your dentist is the best advice as soon as possible. Some patients do better with mild temperatures. Hot/cold could cause pain. You most likely need a antibiotic. Some antibiotics you can take with food (clindamycin) but some you should not (penicillin) ask the pharmacy.
Soft diet. Eat on the opposing side, food or drinks that are not to cold or hot. Sometimes cold ice/water can relieve the tooth ache. Best to get it checked out by a dentist though.
Not Sugar. Seriously, you need to see a dentist to treat the toothache. No food will make it go away. On that note there are some natural compounds that will help with the pain. Clove oil also known as eugenol is often used to treat painful cavities. Simply apply clove oil to the tooth. For instructional video on how to do this, netflix the "marathon man" and watch how dustin hoffman does it.
Soft diet, non spicy. Acute abcessses will be aggrevated by temperature changes, so soft foods, that are close to room temperatures are most likely going to be more comfortable. I'd suggest avoiding spicy, and sharp foods also, such as corn chips.
Avoid hot/cold foods. Eat soft foods at room temperature. Stay away from hot and cold foods which can cause the toothache to act up. If you are in that kind of situation, you should get to your dentist asap. The longer you wait the more difficult it can be for you to get back to normal. Sounds like you will might need either a root canal or an extraction. Maybe just a filling if not too advanced.