What are the risks associated with baby bottle tooth decay?

Rotten teeth. Rotten teeth can lead to abscesses and infections that may need surgery, and a permanent loss of teeth. It can be disfiguring and painful, too.
Many reasons!!!! Broken down baby teeth can lead to infections, affect the forming permanent teeth, speech problems if loss of teeth, bad alignment of the erupting perm. Teeth and self esteem of the child with a poor smile. Don't even consider just letting the baby teeth break down!
Gross Decay. Decay can be rampant, and you don't want your child to suffer from that. Speak to your dentist, and use xylitol and other children approved ada accepted products to do your best to minimize decay.
At worst, death. Untreated decayed teeth can make it hard to learn, play sleep. It can lead to poor eating habits, speech and hearing problems, changes in muscles and bones development, and damage to adult teeth. Less commonly, if left untreated, the bacteria that cause tooth decay can lead to an infection in the bodies blood system and can lead to death.
Losing their teeth! Babies who are put to bed with bottles full of juice or milk will develop caries (cavities) of their baby teeth. The sugar in juice or milk will break down their enamel. In a worst case scenario, the baby may have to have all teeth removed under general anesthesia. Never put your baby to sleep with a bottle of juice or milk--only water!
Pain and swelling. Bottle caries can lead to nerve death of the teeth with possible infections... If caught early enough, then possibly can be repaired with fillings; if further along, may require baby root canals; if too far along, then may need extractions... This can affect proper feeding, speech, and eruption problems with the permanent teeth...
Sad situation. This is a preventable problem that leads to pain, infection, early tooth loss, crowding, and the list goes on. Dont allow this to happen to your child, it is 100% preventable.
Risks associated.... With bbtd are. Crowding of the permanent teeth. Bacterial infestation of erupting permanent teeth. Eventual loss of permanent teeth due to decay. Blame placed on genetics rather than behavior...
YES. More correctly know as early childhood caries, it is one of the most emotionally and physically devastating oral diseases. It causes severe, rapid decay of an infant's teeth. Often the 4 upper front teeth may need to be extracted by age two and pulpotomies (baby root canals) and stainless steel crowns placed on the back teeth. The good news is it is 100% preventable with proper infant care.
Infection. Baby teeth hold a place in the arch for the permanent teeth. Baby bottle caries is caused by putting the baby to bed with a bottle. If left untreated an infection will occur which can also effect the permanent teeth. Most times the child has to be treated in the or since they are so young. Prevention is the best medicine!
Bottle mouth. Nobody wants their child to feel pain and letting them have the bottle with milk will cause decay not only on the tips of the teeth but also in between the teeth- if they need the bottle give it to them with only water.
Pain, abscess. Baby bottle decay is caused by the baby falling asleep with a bottle of milk or juice. The liquid bathes the teeth in sugar all night and causes severe decay. This causes abscessed teeth and severe pain. This requires extraction or pulp/crowns. It's so sad and entirely preventable. Tooth loss causes speech problems, eating difficulty, and crowding of permanent teeth.
Baby bottle decay. Milk or juice given to a baby for prolonged periods of time can cause the bacteria in the mouth to secrete acid that destroys the teeth and can lead to infection, brush the babys teeth w a non Fluoride toothpaste and don't let the baby sleep w a bottle.
BB caries. Bb caries involves all the baby teeth except the lower anteriors. Even though they are baby teeth, they are important for space, protecting adult teeth as well as eating. It is also not good to have rampant decay at anytime. Make sure the child never goes to bed with anything in the bottle bit water.
Infections. Baby bottle decay is no different than any other type of decay. A decayed tooth leads to an abcess in the bone around the tooth. That infection will cause swelling which in turn causes pain and discomfort and can lead to systemic infection.