Does the epstein-barr virus cause cancer?

Yes. Ebv is most commonly associated with burkitt lymphoma and hodgkin lymphoma, especially in states of compromised immunity such as HIV infection. It is also the virus that causes mononucleosis ("mono"). What is encouraging, though, is that the majority of us have been infected at some point with ebv and yet most of the time we do not develop cancer.
Yes. Ebv is one of the first viruses to be associated with carcinogenesis though most people carry the virus without it ever causing cancer but in certain population it does. Http://clincancerres. Aacrjournals. Org/content/10/3/803.abstract.

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Can the epstein-barr virus which causes mono cause cancer?

In certain.... ..Conditions, yes. In particular, when it happens simultaneously with malaria, it can cause burkitt's lymphoma, a common cancer in africa.
Association. Yes there is a casual association between ebv and some cancers, but many people have mono and/or ebv infection without ever developing cancer.

My son was diagnosis with Epstein Barr Virus when he was 2. I read that he is at a greater risk of cancer now. How much greater is his risk? I'm very worried

Kissing Disease. Research suggests that there is a greater risk of the development of Hodgkins Lymphoma on the order of 1 case per 1000 patients with documented Epstein Barr Virus mononucleosis. Almost everyone becomes infected with the virus at some point in his or her lives, and those infected during childhood rarely become ill. The fact that he was two years old diminishes that risk significantly.
Very unlikely. EB virus will infect the majority of humans at some point in their lives. The older they are when the get it the more disruptive it is to their health. Most will have it in childhood as an unlabeled flu like illness. Consider your kids risk the same as the general population, which is not terribly high.

Do you think a body is able to do any nightly repair with only 4-5 hours of sleep? Read that Epstein Barr virus can induce cancer. Would a person have to show symptoms of E. Barr or could it be silent and immune system not catch it /still do harm?

Yes. Unfortunately, your immune system most likely will not be running at 100% effectiveness if you are sleep deprived. It is possible that you could have a dormant E.Barr infection that is asymptomatic, but the only way to know that would be to ask your Dr for a lab test. Lack of sleep isn't the greatest risk for cancer - poor diet and lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol, are all bigger risks.
Stop worrying. I will leave the question about sleep to others or your own observations. Most people have met Epsrein-Barr and do not have symptoms. It produces a few very rare cancers in healthy folks and some of the distinct quasi-cancers in the immuncompromised. There is a huge amount of scare / rubbish stuff about it online. There is nothing you can do about it, so get on with your life and try to be happy.

Does the epstein-barr virus cause encephalitis?

Yes, but. But - encephalitis is an extremely rare diagnosis to be associated with eb virus.
Epstein-barr virus. Yes, epstein barr virus can cause a direct infection of the brain (encephalitis). Symptoms include headache, sensitivity to light, stiffness of the neck, confusion and lethargy. Epstein barr virus may also cause muscle paralysis - usually temporary, called guillain barre syndrome.

Does epstein barr virus cause infertility in men?

EB Virus and INFERTI. No it does not. There is no evidence to support it causes infertility in men.

Can epstein barr virus cause me to be sore?

Possible. In the short term yes. .. In the long term probably no. See your doc and get some blood testing. Look of the routine stuff and also trace elements especially rbc magnesium.

What causes the epstein barr virus?

A virus. Epstein barr is a virus that is often transmitted through saliva.
Serious virus. It's usually a respiratory virus just we acquire as we acquire the flu virus. It's most common symptoms are severe fatigue, dizziness, no energy, may be nausea and vomiting, headache, weakness, loss of appetite. We usually treat the symptoms with rest and plenty of liquids. Symptoms may last up to 4-6 weeks sometimes. Good nutrition and rest is important. Need to follow with your doctor closly.
Is a virus. The epstein barr virus is a virus, a living very small organism capable of producing different diseases.

What are other possible causes of mononucleosis, besides the Epstein-Barr Virus?

Mono syndrome. About 80%= of mono syndrome is triggered by EB virus. Other agents like cytomegalovirus, a cousin of EBV, the adenovirus and toxoplasmosis (a paracite) can cause similar syndromes. The agent can be determined by specific antibody testing.,