Statistics for diabetes mellitus type 2 in children middle east countries?

Related to Obesity. When children go beyond a body mass index of 28 (there are charts for children bmi) specially if one parent or worse 2 have heavy family history of type 2, you have to change life style to bring that body mass index down. Statistics are against you if you do not.
High. 6 out of the world's top ten countries for highest prevalence of diabetes are in the middle east & north africa (http://sgoti.Ws/q6pxbt) & it is increasing in prevalence (http://goo.Gl/a3khh) . Saudi arabia has the 4th highest diabetes rate in the world, at about 22 percent (http://sgoti.Ws/q6pewq). Diets high in simple sugars and increasing rates of obesity are thought to be major contributors.
See below. In uae 5 out of 40 children with diabetes mellitus have type2. In saudi arabia 120 out of 100, 000 children had type2.

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