Is it possible for trouble speaking, swallowing, & breathing to be symptoms of ms?

Possible. Usually, trouble swallowing, breathing, are signs of end stage MS, and only rarely seen early in the disease. However, speech issues may be seen early and may be very subtle.
Throat symptoms. Yes -ms is possible but many other things are also possible, such as throat cancer. I recommend you first see ent.

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Physical syntoms since may breathing, then trouble speaking, then numbness, head tilt, and now shakes head and tilt, did neruo exam and test ruled out ms, etc now have C5, C4 involved singifict nerve?

It depends/clarify,, More clarification is needed to give you a useful answer. This may depend on a number of things, like what conditions you may have. For example, you had cardiac catheterization and you're on Nitroglycerin and levothyroxine. These suggest a heart and thyroid issue, which might put you at risk for a stroke. Also more info. Is needed on your neuro exam so it's wise to see your dr. For that. Read more...