How long is the recovery for MCL surgery?

Mcl knee injury. Length of recovery time depends upon whether there are other associated structural injuries. Isolated grade 1 or 2 MCL tears r treated effectively non operatively , typically recovering fully within 6- 10 weeks. Surgical MCL repairs of grade 3 tears will take 10-16 weeks. If patient also has injured their Acl or post lateral corner recovery will take 4-6 months,
6-12 weeks. An mcl typically takes 6-12 weeks to heal, depending on severity. It pretty much heals on its own over time without specific treatments. There is seldom a role for any kind if surgical interventions.

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How long is recovery time for MCL and meniscus surgery?

Depends. Arthroscopic meniscal repair or resection is a common procedure.Most adults are 'recovered ' by 6 wks.Unususal to have an mcl repair w/ meniscus surgery by itself.Alot of times the mcl can heal on its own or in a brace.If it is completely torn and quite unstable(w/acl intact) it may take another 4-6 wks or longer for complete healing.Again, unusual combination here..Good luck! Read more...