Did the polio vaccine get rid of polio?

MostOfTheWorldExcept. Polio Vaccine has been successful in getting rid of Polio all over the world except in Pakistan, Afganistan and Nigeria only due to treistance to vaccinate their children.
Mostly. Wild type poliomyelitis virus still circulates in some areas of the world but is almost never acquired elsewhere.
Mostly. Not completely, as there are still pockets of polio infections on earth. However, the incidence of polio is essentially close to zero thanks to the effectiveness of the vaccine. There is no other reason for that improvement.

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If I'm positive for (ebv) should I get a polio vaccine to work as an emt? Or could there be a way around that?

One polio booster. For adults, the recommendation is 1 polio booster shot for people with higher risk of exposure (the shot is not alive, compared to the oral vaccine that is a live virus). Nobody wants to catch polio, which can paralyze you for life. Ebv is very common, and many people have caught it by adulthood. Having ebv is not related to whether or not a person should get any of the usual vaccinations.
Yes. If getting the polio vaccine is a requirement of work I see no reason not to get it if you are positive for epstein barr virus. Most adults are ebv positive. Most adults vaccinated for polio as kids don't require vaccination in adulthood. Some require it because of occupational exposure or chronic disease. The vaccine you will be getting is the ipv. It is not a live virus and is a mild vaccine.
Get all immunization. You should get all your immunizations up to date to work as an EMT, since you will potentially be exposed to the variety of infections.

Where can you get a polio vaccine?

Many places. Doctors offices, community health clinics, public health department, local pharmacies.
Pediatricians/Health. Polio vaccine is available in any Pediatrician's office and your Health Department Clinic Most Internist do not have it as the vaccine is only given before 6 years of age.

Where can you get polio vaccine for adults?

Adult polio vaccine. There is no special polio vaccine for adults. If needed you can use the same vaccine as used for children, but you have to take the whole series of the vaccine for fully vaccinated.
Travelers clinic. You may be able to get polio vaccine from your doctor or at a travelers clinic.

Is there any reason to get the polio vaccine again?

Polio vaccine. Incompletely immunized children and adults should receive remaining doses of polio vaccine as required for protection against the disease.
No if you completed. You do not need Boosters for Polio Vaccine if you completed series of 4 or 5 shots by the age of 6 years.

Who discovered the polio virus? Do we still get the polio vaccine nowadays?

Karl Landsteiner & Erwin Popper discovered the polio virus in 1908. The U.S. used Dr. Salk's 1953 killed polio vaccine from '55-'62. From '63-'99, the U.S. used Dr. Sabin's 1962 live oral vaccine. It's still used where polio is endemic. The U.S. has used the Salk vaccine since 2000. Withered limbs from polio have been documented since early man: note the Egyptian priest's withered left leg. Be wise, immunize!