Can you get vaccinated for smallpox?

Smallpox vaccine. The American public has not received routine smallpox vaccinations since 1972. All natural sources of smallpox have been eradicated. According to the CDC “The U.S. government has enough vaccine to vaccinate every person in the United States in the event of a smallpox emergency.” This is part of Emergency Prepared & Response for possible future bioterrorism (in aftermath of 9/11). >>
Theoretically yes. There is no public vaccine available for use as smallpox has been globally eradicated (except for the biological weapon stores of a couple countries).
Vaccine use limited. There is a vaccine in limited use. The military & a limited number of civilians have been vaccinated to act as a first line of defence if smallpox were ever to return. (last case in the wild in 1977) see www.Bt.Cdc.Gov/agent/smallpox/index.Asp.