What will happen if my baby gets the chicken pox?

Itching and fever. Fever and itchy sores last about five days. Complications can include pneumonia and skin infections, sometimes serious. Sometimes the itchy sores scar when they heal.
With chickenpox.... ..Fever and a "bubbly" rash are usually the only signs. In most people, scarring of the skin where the bubbles popped is the only long-term effect; in some, more serious complications such as "flesh-eating disease", brain inflammation, or pneumonia, can occur. Before vaccine was introduced, about 50 children and 50 adults died each year, out of tens of thousands who contracted chickenpox.
Usually Mild Case. Most infants who get the chickenpox have a mild case. The reason for this is that antibodies from the mother (who has probably had chickenpox) cross the placenta and can last in the infant for up to one year. This gives the infant extra protection which ultimately leads to a shorter, milder case of chickenpox. If you think your child might have chickenpox, it's worth it to contact your doctor.

Related Questions

Could babies be born with the chicken pox?

Yes. If the mother develops chickenpox in in the final week of pregnancy or labor, the infant can be born with chickenpox and may suffer a fatal outcome. (treatment is available) mothers who had chickenpox as a child or received a vaccination, will provide the fetus with protection and partial immunity for months. Chickenpox acquired at a few months of age is less worrisome.

What are the signs of chicken pox in babies?

Rash, fever. Chicken pox in a baby will start as a rash just as it would in older children. The rash often starts out on the abdomen, and is papulopustular in appearance. Itching is quite common. There may be associated fever, and upper respiratory symptoms. Babies may get quite sick from the chicken pox so if unvaccinated, should seek medical care.

Infant immunity to chicken pox, can you tell me more?

Confusing question. Infants born to mothers who had cpx before pregnancy will have some transient maternal immunity to cpx transferred via placenta. This is somewhat protective in the first 6 or more months. Research finds infants don't make consistent immunity to a cpx vaccine if given before a year.

Why do all babies get chicken pox? Is it bad or good and why?

Not true. Not all babies get chicken pox, especially lately. Due to the advent of the varicella vaccine, fewer kids ever get active chickenpox.
Nothing good. Since the advent of the chicken pox vaccine, most babies no longer get chicken pox. Aside from the severe itching that occurs, the lesions can become infected and toxic shock syndrome can occur. Other conditions that can develop are chicken pox pneumonia, or encephalitis. So, if you havent vaccinated your child do it asap.

Can you tell me if babies could be born with the chicken pox?

Yes. A baby can be born infected with the chickenpox if the mother has them in labor. The baby went through the early stages of the disease along with the mom and emerges at whatever stage mom is in. These babies can be treated aggressively with varicella Immune Globulin (cdc) and or acyclovir. Untreated infants are at high risk of death due to chickenpox pneumonia.

How dangerous is chicken pox in babies? I have a 5 month old who may have been exposed at the pediatricians office today.

Watch, wait. Incubation for infants and children is long- 21-28 days, but once past 3-6 months of age, infants lose any antibody protection mother may give from her exposure history to chicken pox. Any varicella infection is potentially life-threatening, but most infections in term infants with an intact immune system are mild...See your pediatrician for more information.
Depends. If it happens to the newly born it is evident mom never had it and baby has no immune protection. It could be deadly. If YOU had it as a kid, your kid may have partial immunity. At 5 mo, it is usually milder than those that get it at 5 or 10. Incubation ranges from 10-21 days with an average of 14. I would be observant & contact your doc if you think you see sots emerge.

Might it be possible that a a parent of an infant who has chicken pox spread the virus?

Unlikely to happen. The spread of cpx occurs through airborne droplets & direct contact with infectious material. The uninfected parent cannot spread the virus through their own cough but might if they carried recently obtained infected debris from the child on their hands. Simple washing or sanitizing removes this threat.