Can you die of stevens-johnson syndrome?

Yes, SJS is serious. Stevens johnson syndrome (eryth. Multi. Major, ten) is a rare but sometimes fatal allergic reaction. A person can have fever, malaise (general discomfort), skin itching, joint aches, and a fairly rapid appearance of reddened spots or patches all over. The rash can have "target" or "bulls-eye" spots, and even blisters. Eye irritation can occur, as well as sores on eyelids, lips, and in the mouth.
Yes. If stevens-johnson syndrome (sjs) is advanced and widespread then an extreme loss of fluid may occur comparable to a sever burn. Infection can set in as well. Dehydration and infection can cause death.

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Can you die from stevens johnson syndrome?

Yes. Stevens johnson is a very serious immune reaction manifest as skin and mucosal damage and sloughing. It looks similar to and has effects like a burn. Untreated one can die of dehydration and infection.

My boyfriend had stevens johnson syndrome when he was 12 he is now 20. It was due to allrgic reaction if he gets it again will he die?

Impossible to say. With any drug allergy, if you do use take the drug or a related one, you will not experience this side effect again.
Stevens johnson. Glad he is alive and kicking, this is a dangerous illness. It only recurs if he is exposed to the offending agent, whatever it was he was taking then.
He can. Your bf needs to diligently avoid the medication which caused this and any similar medications. Any doctors that he sees should be very well aware of his drug reaction. He needs to be cautious with over the counter products as well.
Probable. Stevens johnson syndrome can be life-threatening but usually not deadly if treated in time. Obviously he must avoid the agent (such as medication) which triggered the first bout. If it was not from a drug, , I won't be overly concerned getting another bout of stevens johnson syndrome.
Steven Jhonson syndr. If one gets exposed to the same agent, medicine, vaccine, dye or what ever was the offending agent which caused the prior stevens johnson's syndrome then a subsequent exposure can be severe, dangerous and fatal and should be avoided.

What's stevens johnson syndrome?

Severe reaction. Stevens johnson syndrome (sjs) is a severe immune reaction, usually to a medication. It can present with rash that leads to sloughing (peeling off) of the skin and mucous membranes (e.g., inside the mouth or vagina). It can also cause fever and damage to internal organs. Urgent treatment by qualified medical professionals is extremely important. See your doctor if you have further questions.
Severe skin rash. Severe skin rash, often life threatening. Typically related to infection or underlying autoimmune disease or cancer.

What is stevens-johnson syndrome?

See details. This is a very rare but very serious and even life threatening disorder of the skin and mucous membranes. It is usually a reaction to a medication or an infection. It usually begins with flu-like symptoms followed by a painful rash in which the top layer of the skin dies and sheds. It is an extreme emergency and requires immediate hospitalization.

Can stevens johnson syndrome be cured?

Yes, sometimes. Depending on a number of factors, stevens johnson syndrome can be treated once the offending agent can be removed from the body and the immune system can be quelled and the patient protected from infection, dehydration, and multi-organ failure.

Can stevens johnson syndrome be treated?

Yes, somewhat. Treatment for stevens johnson syndrome (ery. Multiforme major, toxic epider. Necrolysis) is mostly supportive. The patient has suffered a severe allergic reaction in which large areas of skin are damaged and/or blistered off. He is taken care of in a burn unit or a similar intensive care unit, because without functional skin, he is like a burn victim. Many patients still die, even with treatment.
SJS. Absolutely. Sjs is best treated in a burn unit by trained professionals. It is all patient dependent since there are differing views on the use of corticosteroids. Http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmedhealth/pmh0001854/.

What are the tests for stevens johnson syndrome?

BIopsy confirms. Stevens-johnson is such a severe and obvious disease of the skin, and often eyes and mucosal surfaces, that treatment (including support, and stopping any medication that might have triggered it) will not wait on lab testing. Biopsy may be used for confirmation.