Can tick borne illnesses (i.E.Lyme disease etc) cause disability?

Depends. Tick bite cancan be mild but if nevous system invoved might be lingering process sometime long term tetracck=line is needed and good diet and supportivetreatment can give real good recvery.
Lyme disease. Approximately 10 to 20% of patients treated for lyme disease with a recommended 2–4 week course of antibiotics will have lingering symptoms of fatigue, pain, or joint and muscle aches. This condition is properly known as "post-treatment lyme disease syndrome" (ptlds). http://www. Cdc. Gov/lyme/postlds/index. Html.
Yes. Lyme disease & other tick-borne infections like babesiosis & bartonella can cause severe chronic disability. Fortunately, most people with these illnesses won't have significant disability, but those with severe infections (who often have genetic conditions that make it difficult to fight these infections) can become severely disabled from these illnesses, esp. If they have lyme + other infections.

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Is insect repellant a good way to prevent being bitten by ticks that can cause Lyme disease?

May work. Insect repellent may work to ward off some insects. However ticks are little different. They can reach your body thru different means. You may have them latched on your cloths, pets, birds. Best thing to do is avoid by going into high grass area, leaves, and area you know is visited by deer racoons etc. Check your body after outdoor activities, if you need to use repellent, spray it on cloths.
Maybe. It is only effective if the insect repellant states it is effective against insect responsible for tick bites.
Yes. Insect repellents are always a good idea to help prevent insect bites including ticks.

Can one get Lyme disease if accidently eat a tick?

Never heard of. Although one can imagine that a tick could have attached to the intestinal lining and thereby transmitting the infection, it is likely that the tick would not have survived the passage in the stomach where there are acid and enzymes. At any rate, I am not aware of this mode of transmission.

Does a second tick have to bite for Lyme disease to reoccur

See below. Yes. Once lyme disease has been treated with the proper meds, the disease is cured. To get the disease again, another tick would have to bite and transmit the disease.