Can tick bites be treated with penicillin?

Not exactly. Various infections may be spread following tick bites - the most common is lyme disease. Amoxicillin (not penicillin) is approved for treating confirmed cases of lyme disease when clinical disease is present. For a tick bite in areas with high amounts of lyme disease it is useful to take a single dose of Doxycycline within 3 days to prevent lyme. Amoxicillin is not approved for prevention.

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Discovered a rash 24-48 hours after a tick bite (size 10-15 cm). Doctor prescribed Penicillin for 10 days. No other symptoms. Is the prognosis good?

Likely. It all depends on how long the Tick was attached and if the rash was typical for erythema marginatum. Typically if there is strong suspicion for tick disease the antibiotic used is Doxycycline, unless there is an allergy. There is an excellent web site at the CDC that reviews management. Blood work is always available to look for Lyme disease. Read more...