Can streptococcal skin infections spread?

Infection. Yes, a bacterial infection such as this has the potential to spread. Signs of skin infection include pain, redness, warm to the touch and possibly fever. See your physician if you suspect a bacterial infection.

Related Questions

How does skin infection and tonsilitis/pharyngitis lead to post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis?

The Immune system. Fights the initial infection (skin or throat) by making antibodies to parts of the bacteria. After the infection is fought off, a combination of the antibodies and the bacterial components left over form a new complex that is toxic to the part of the kidney that filters them. Only certain strains of streptococcus will cause psgn.

What does it mean for my infected skin to be pussing non stop? I had a skin infection and it was healing well but then it came back but it has spread

Not treated. What you describe indicated the infection has not been completely treated. See your doctor so a culture can be taken and you are given the proper medication as well as wound care instructions to minimize risk of recurrence.

Does MRSA skin infection spread or could it remain a simple scratch without signs of infection?

Cellulitis. Very strong possibility of this progressing into cellulitis if not properly treated. If the wound/scratch is infected it will be erythematous, tender and usually have drainage. Treat any infection appropriately with antibiotics and local wound care.

If you wash a skin infection with bar soap and then use the same soap all over your body will the infection spread?

Typically no. Consider using an antibacterial soap such as Dial. As long as you are washing your entire body thoroughly, this should not be a problem.

I have a skin infection. It itches very bad And seems to spread. Some say its ring worm. I use withfield ointment but does not help. Your thoughts?

See a dermatologist. Your question is too vague. Infection??? Where? How long? Etc., etc. Whitfield ointment is an old prescription for certain dermatophyte infections. Dermatologists abandoned it 50 years ago in favor of much more effective remedies. For best result you must begin with a diagnosis. "A skin infection" does not define anything. Try again with the DETAILS.

I have a bacterial skin infection on my chin & mouth area, also spread in some areas of neck nd chest. Is it normal for it to itch after applying the?

Yes. Itch associated with the topical infection is a common symptom. Continue to apply the medication as directed by the physician. This will improve when the infection starts to improve. You could ask your doctor if an oral antihistamine is safe to help with the itchy skin and ask exactly which is safe. Don't just buy one and start treating yourself.

How are fungal skin infections caught?

Fungal Infections. A doctor can diagnose ringworm based on the appearance of the rash or reported symptoms. He or she will ask about possible exposure to people or animals with ringworm. The doctor may take skin scrapings or samples from the infected area and look at them under a microscope to confirm the diagnosis.