What does it mean if my baby doesn't pass the hearing test?

Needs rescreening. Universal hearing screening is offered in many states to help identify children with hearing loss.Screening tests are often simple and inexpensive alowing a tech to screen thousands of babies to find the few that need more reliable (& more expensive) tests. Many that fail test one will pass the same test 2wks later. I've cared for hundreds that failed screening, only 2 with true deafness in 30yr.
Failed the test. If you are referring to the newborn screen the test requires a patent ear canal. If there is fluid, as is often the case in a newborn, or wax in the ear canal of an older child they may fail this test. The first step is to examine the ear and repeat the test. Failing the hearing test may also mean there is a hearing problem that may need to be followed up by an otolaryngologist.