Can someone recommend a cognitive behavior therapist who specializes in insomnia in the buffalo, ny area?

I can't, but... There is an on-line program for cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia that is worth looking into. It can be found at this website: http://cbtforinsomnia.Com/ this program was developed by gregg d. Jacobs, pH.D. Who wrote a book called "say good night to insomnia". Some of my patients have found the book very helpful.
The internet can. It is incredible what you can find out just sitting at your desk. I am quite confident that if you search for sleep medicine specialist, buffalo, ny, u will get many results. I tried and dr. Sandra block showed-up on the screen. Sleepmedicinecenters.Com, at 3 gate circle, buffalo. So, search for it, make a few phone calls and I am sure some will be able to help you. Good luck.