Can herpes simplex type 1 turn into type 2?

No. Both are completely different strains. Type 1 causes lesions typically around the mouth. Type 2 causes lesions typically around the genitals. However, there are no absolutes in medicine so either strain can occur anywhere.
No. Herpes type 1 and type 2 are different viruses. They don't mutate into one another. A person can get both types. Either or both types can occur on the genitals or orally. For example, if a person has both types orally, sometimes a lip sore will be type 1 and other times it will be type 2.

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Can I use more than one anti-viral for herpes simplex type 2 at te same time? How this can affect my health?

Poly-antiviral tx? Most cases of hsv will resolve on their own but will resolve more quickly w/antiviral therapy. Abreva otc may work altho we see frequent rapid relapse. Almost all hsv is susceptible to Acyclovir (& its family of agents). Using these 2 together is probably ok. Using 2 Acyclovir derivatives together will just cost you $$$. There currently no other oral agents/effective topical agents..Coming soon. Read more...