Can coxsackie virus infection be caught more than once?

Yes. Most coxsackie virus in the us is the type a2 but you can catch other varients.
Coxsackie. Yep, you can get coxsackie virus more than once. This causes hand-foot-mouth disease, a common viral illness. Target lesions occur in the mouth and the sole of feet and palms of the hands.

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My blood test came back positive for three types of coxsackie virus. Does this usually mean past or present infection?

Coxsackie. Although your description is difficult to interpret it sounds like you have antibodies to coxsackie virus strains and whether or not this is old depends upon whether these are igm or igg antibodies and whether in 14 day repeat specimens the titers are rising or staying the same. It also depends upon whether you are symptomatic in any way. Talk to your doctor. Read more...

How to treat a coxsackie virus infection on genitals?

See dr. How do you know it's a coxsackie virus? I would strongly suggest seeing your gynecologist to properly evaluate and treat any rash or concerns in the genital area. . Read more...