Why do steroids cause avascular necrosis of the femur head?

Unknown. No one really knows for sure. However, it has been shown that steroids cause elevation of lipids. In rabbits, steroids cause collections of lipids called an embolism. The emboli caused avascular necrosis of the femoral heads in the studied rabbits.

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Want to stay fit, enjoy running. I was diagnosed with avn or avascular necrosis in left femur head. Will running make it worse?

Yes. I'm sorry to hear of your recent dx. Of AVN of your hip. Hopefully it is inan early stage and can be treated without replacement as an option yet...in my experience Avn will advance in severity w/ time and loading the femoral head repeatedly (as in running) may hasten the process. Best of Luck to you!

Avascular necrosis of head of femur is usually detected clinicaly by how many month?

Depends on the cause. The common causes R steroids, following a dislocation, alcohol abuse. Following a dislocation it can show up as late as 4-5 yrs. In all the process is slow 2 develop, & eval is sought due 2 pain & loss of motion. Earliest way 2 diagnosis is MRI also bone scans.

My friend has early stage of avascular necrosis (AVN) of the femoral head. What medication can help him recover?

AVN. AVN is an issue with blood supply to the head of the femur. There are no medications that are routinely used to treat the condition. Stopping the use of alcohol is encouraged, and ceasing steroids may be warranted in consult with the doctor. The main treatment is phyisical therapy for symptom relief, and then surgical measures if the condition worsens during observation.

2weeks ago, I (f/31)was diagnosed as bilateral avascular necrosis on femoral head (grade i). How can I do excercise to strength the muscle around hip?

See details. The first question is what caused you to have avascular necrosis in the first place? I would ask your orthopedist if referral to a physical therapist is advisable. The therapist can review appropriate exercise with you.

Avascular necrosis of femur at knee? Can it happen there?

Yes. While avascular necrosis at the hip is most common, it can happen many other places; including in the femur at the knee.
Yes. There are a variety of sites that can be involved: knee, hip, shoulders and also. Ankles, feet. Hands, spine and wrists. It is also descrfibed in the jaw - but this appear to differ from the other types. The most common site in the knee is the inner or medial femoral condyle. Associations include: alcohol abuse, steroid usage (usually high doses over a long period), sickle cell, etc.
Yes. It's a very common location for it. See an orthopedic knee surgeon for proper care.