Who has hashimotos thyroiditis?

Thyroid antibodies. This is an autoimmune disease where the body makes thyroid antibodies which may ultimately (painlessly) destroy gland function, rendering the person hypothyroid. Levothyroxine is the standard treatment for hypothyroidism. We see hashimoto's disease in most age groups. It's far less common in toddlers and younger.

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Hashimotos thyroiditis, how do you treat?

If thyroid. Hormone level normal, no tretment; if overactive meds or radioactive iodine to decrease production of hormone; occasionally surgery. If underactive, give thyroid hormone.

How do you diagnose hashimotos thyroiditis?

Suspicion / lab test. Hashimoto's is often suspected by history or exam & confirmed by blood tests showing toxic auto-antibodies that have formed to the thyroid tissues.

Is there anything can be done to soothe symptoms of hashimotos thyroiditis, tried everything, been off meds for 12 months & still stable, still sympto?

It is odd. If you really have the antibodies and are symptomatic that your thyroid function is normal off meds. If that is truly the case your symptoms were probably never from that in the first place and from something else that you have that has not been discovered, you need a good investigator to take a history from the beginning to figure it out.
Hashimoto symptoms? Unsure what you mean by being stable and off of your meds? Depending on what your symptoms are you may need to seek the advice of an endocrinologist who can suggest symptomatic treatment.

Autoimmune thyroiditis is caused by what?

Unknown. It runs in families and there are genetic associations. Often it occurs with other autoimmune disease. There may be environmental causes or viral infection.

Is focal chronic autoimmune thyroiditis an age-related disease?

No. Autoimmune thyroiditis can occur in young children, adolescents and adults of any age. We see it most often in children who have a family history of that condition. In many children that we have seen, it was mild but symptomatic enough that their mother recognized the condition and sought treatment. Even with mild disease in children the treatment can have profound benefits.

Chronic thyroiditis (hashimotos disease). I need a website please?

American Thyroid. In addition to the information on health tap, excellent patient information about thyroid conditions is available on the website of the american thyroid association.
Mayo Clinic. Hashimotos is usually a condition where your immune system attacks your thyroid, making it underactive. Try this mayo clinic review: http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/hashimotos-disease/ds00567.

I have hashimoto's thyroiditis?

Okay. This is usually easy to manage by thyroid replacement as required. A heads-up -- maybe 1% of hashimoto's folks get a vasculitis that can involve the brain and mimic multiple sclerosis; it's treatable but it needs to be suspected before the call can be made. Complications of hashimoto's are rare; you can read about them on your own, get seen fast if the goiter grows fast.

What is hashimoto's thyroiditis?

Auto ImmuneCondition. Hashimoto Thyroiditis is an auto immune condition of Thyroid Gland. Your immine sustem attacks your thyroid gland with antibody mediated immune response. It was first described by HakaruHashimoto. It is seven time more common in women It is diagnosed by detecting elevated levels of anti thyroidPeroxidaseAntibodies, It causes Hypothyroidism and is treated with Thyroid Hormones like levothyroxine&other.