Where can I buy niacin that will not flush my face?

Health store, online. You can buy this at most health food stores or, of course, online. There are 2 forms of Niacin that do not cause flushing. One is time-released niacin. However, this form has an increased risk of elevating liver enzymes, so if taking one should get blood tests of liver function periodically. Inositol hexanicotinate is called no-flush Niacin & is safer but may not work as well- see my comment:.
Niacin. Supplementing with 2000-3000mg of flush free Niacin daily can help to control your cholesterol levels quite nicely, even increasing your HDL and converting your LDL to a less harmful subtype. As a negative, Niacin can cause facial flushing and redness so get the flush free variety. And have your liver enzyme values monitored, as they can be affected by Niacin use. Buy at health food store.