What will happen if I didn't take enough folic acid before my first trimester?

Usually nothing. A lot of women are deficient in Folic Acid and have normal pregnancies and deliveries, however Folic Acid has been proven to prevent preterm birth, open neural tube defects and cardiac anomalies in the fetus. Take 1-5 mg daily for your whole reproductive life!

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Is 6mg folic acid too much for first trimester?

More than enough. Folic acid, AKA folate (folic acid) (vit B9), is recommended for all women wanting to get pregnant -- 0.4mg (400mcg) daily, which is important for preventing birth defects like spina bifida. Women w/ a hx these disorders should take 10x that amt daily -- 4mg (4000mcg) through the 3rd month of pregnancy. It won't affect fertility, chances of conception/twins, or periods. Can help with anemia. Read more...