Can candidiasis be contagious?

Kind of.... ..Though it's pretty ubiquitous; most people carry a small amount of Candida Albicans on their skin and mucous surfaces without becoming sick; candida tends to flare up on injured surfaces, or after bacteria are suppressed with antibiotics, or in an immunosuppressed host, or in an embedded foreign body.

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Is oral candidiasis (thrush) contagious?

No. Candida sp. The causative organisms in thrush are normal oral flora. Thrush occurs when the normal balance is disturbed by taking antibiotics and allowing yeast overgrowth or by defects in the normal host immunity such as in aids patient. The disease is not contageous between people.
No. This is not contagious, everyone harbours this fungus, but it only manifests itself when your immune system is decreased or if you are on antibiotics that throws off your oral cavities bacteria equillibrium.