What is the process of getting braces?

Begins with decision. Before placing braces, a thorough examination and then study of certain x-ray imaging are required. A detailed diagnosis is made and a plan formulated. Once presented to you and you decide to go ahead: the process of placing them is quite painless and usually takes less than an hour. Enjoy your smile!
Putting on braces. The process is quite easy. You simply dry the mouth and keep it dry. Place glue on the teeth and put the bracket (brace) on the tooth. You line the bracket up to where it should be and then shine a bright light on the tooth to harden the glue. It doesn't hurt. You don't need shots and it's painless.
See below. Different doctors may have different processes to go through. Usually a comprehensive exam is done, special x-rays taken, clearance that all dental decay has been taken care of as well as any gum disease and then the process can begin.

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I have very crowded teeth and a large overbite. What is the process of getting braces?

Adult orthodontics. Start by having an evaluation by an orthodontist. Adult Orthodontics is common and everyone is different. The orthodontist will explain what your options are and what to expect. It may be helpful to get a couple of consultations and find the practices that you feel most comfortable with.
The First thing. You shoudl do is seek a consultation and exam with an orthodontic specialist. They can give you an overview of your problem and the different treatment options that are best for you.
See an orthodontist. Having a crowded teeth and a large overbite can make you self-conscious especially when you smile. If you decide you want the orthodontic treatment, see an orthodontist. There are many modalities for adult orthodontics. Proper diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment.
Simple. Call an Orthodontic Specialist for an initial examination (usually free or modest cost). If Orthodontic Treatment is indicated, the Orthodontist will take a suite of diagnostic records, do a full evaluation of your malocclusion, and then schedule you for treatment. Hardest part? ...Your Orthodontist's bad jokes.

What is the process of involved in getting braces put on?

1st Braces Appt. Orthodontists differ in their application of putting braces on. In our office we put both the upper and lower arches on all at the same time. The appointment takes 1 1/2 hours. It is not a difficult procedure; your mouth will be open with a guard to protect against your saliva from getting the area wet. The wire is put in the same day. We use damon system braces.
Simple procedures. The teeth are prepared to permit the application of braces with composite adhesives. This involves cleaning the teeth and preparing the surface of the tooth so that the adhesive will "stick." braces are then put into position and the adhesive "cures" or sets, often using a bright light unit. Then wires are placed and fixed to position. Viola! Not too difficult.