What causes people to die during cosmetic surgery?

Rare problem. Surgery deaths for elective procedures are fortunately rare. A cause can be un-diagnosed heart disease, allergic reactions to medications, and malignant hyperthermia. A traject cause of death are surgical errors. Many of these errors occur with physicians poorly trained or operations in non regulated offices or spas. Check out the safety record of your surgeon and their or.
Heart problems. Death during cosmetic surgery is extremely rare.Most cosmetic surgeries, if performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, are not dangerous, so if a death occurs it is usually an undiagnosed heart problem. The other rare cause is malignant hyperthermia, which is related to drugs given by anesthesia, and not related to the surgical procedure.
Mistakes, & failure. To diagnose unsuspected health issues in otherwise healthy-appearing individuals requesting elective surgery. In the 26 years i've been in practice (hospital and my own nationally-accredited office surgical facility) my partners and I have done over 16000 operations with zero death, heart attack, or stroke. Still surgery is surgery, and even the safest surgeon can have an unexpected patient event.
Rare issues. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is very safe. It is still surgery and there are risks. You are actually safer in the or than driving to the or that day. Fatal complications are usually from heart trouble. This is why it is important to talk to your doctor about any issues you may have. Rarely malignant hyperthermia may be a problem. Now certified or's have a management cart for this.