Related Questions

What causes a charlie horse and how can I prevent it?

Minor injury. If you have a minor bruise, contusion or strain in a muscle it will bleed into the affected area. This will lead to some swelling and discomfort you may even get some black and blue and other nice colors I would recommend ice, nsaids and gentle stretching until your symptoms resolve.

What causes a continual charlie horse in the calf?

Difficult to say. If you have had a long-standing problem w/calf pain or 'charley-horses' I would see your physician for evaluation. In the differential DX would be a chronic gastoc. Strain, a 'leaking' bakers' cyst and even a dvt (blood clot).Best bet is to come in and see your orthopedic surgeon for evvaluation. Good luck!

I'm not dehydrated I'm always drinking water but what else can cause charlie horse sever my foot goes one way and my big toe goes oppsiet what happing?

Charley horse. It deals a lot with the environment in which you workout in and the level of activity. For instance if you are doing an extreme work out in extreme heat. This will lead to an increasei in Lactic Acid in the muscle and cramping. There is also the possibility of muscle fatigueleadig to a contraction of the tendon. Feels like a charley horse but it isn't.This could be solved. With orthotics.
See below. It could be an electrolyte inbalance, potassium deficiency, overuse syndrome.

What causes charlie horses?

Hmmm. Tough question. Several theories. Lack of movement can sometimes contribute. It also maybe related to calcium and magnesium imbalances. Make sure you are taking supplements if you are prone to them.

What are causes of "charlie-horses"?

Many reasons. Muscle fatigue, circulation problems, dehydration, potassium deficiency are a few reasons. See your physician.

What is the cause of a Charlie horse in my sleep that wakes me up with a lot of pain in my ankle and I feel like it is paralyzed. I can't even move it?

Unknown cause. Charlie horse leg pain is common and the cause is unknown. If you have these frequently you can lower the incidence by using quinine infused seltzer water in the late evening.
Could be a few thing. You need to see your doctor for testing. There are a few things that can cause your issue. Go get checked out.
Nocturnal leg cramps. It's not completely clear. We used to use quinine tablets until the government decided you could only use that for malaria. I don't believe it is a wise decision. I recommend sometimes people try magnesium, as this may help. You also should stretch your leg night. This extension can help protect your leg.

What are the causes of charlie horses in your foot?

Possibilities. Low potassium or magnesium: poor biomechanics, fatigue. Depends on when you get it. Symptoms at night in bed are often potassium or magnesium deficiency. If symptoms upon weigt bearing activity, then could be due to lack of support.